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PROMEDIA - Specialists In Laboratory Supplying

ProMedia was founded in 1996 in Kikinda as a family company. Private equity is 100% domestic owned.
ProMedia started its journey slowly and patiently, with small steps. When, after four years, two major legal contracts were concluded, we started to relize our vision to become a leader in our market. Since 2000, the steps have become more substantial and much safer. From its beginnings, as a small trading company, ProMedia has developed into a company with an enviable position on the market, with branch offices in Belgrade, Zrenjanin and Nis.

By its organizing and working methods, company adapts to modern ways of doing business both on the domestic market and in the region. By continuous development of strategic development, continuously upgrading the quality control system and professional development of its employees, investing in capacities and programs, ProMedia succeeds in achieving its main set goals, becoming the leader in laboratory supply.

Today, ProMedia has a company profile with well-defined values, attitudes and business principles, and that’s what makes us strong.

Our two strongest strengths are: our employees and our partners.

The ProMedia family currently has 85? members. Their role is crucial, because employees with their knowledge, skills and abilities make the company recognizable among the competition. ProMedia is a company that has a partner approach to accomplish more. We create trust based on mutual respect with our partners, which are very numerous today.
The way in which the concept of support is interpreted is closely related to another element in company values – responsibility. Responsibility is a prerequisite to be seen as a reliable company doing what it says and saying what it does. For users of our services, this means that they can be carefree because our services and professional advice will always be at hand.

We do not measure our success only through business achievements, but also by how well we serve the community, and to what extent can we improve the quality of people’s lives. From the outset, socially responsible behavior is part of our business policy and corporate culture, and the strategy it nourishes, both the management of the company and all employees. We are constantly accepting responsibility for contributing as a good member of the community and we undertake various actions aimed at encouraging the creation of a better society, protecting and improving the environment and strengthening the local community.


Specialists In Laboratory Supplying


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