Technical equipment

PROREADY - Technical equipment and facility of ProReady production

ProMedia has equipped its production facility in accordance with world’s leading standards and requests set by pharmaceutical companies, guided by good practices and rich experience from its mentor – HiMedia Laboratories.

The dosage and preparation line is strictly controlled, both in terms of the accuracy and precision of the criteria, as well as in terms of the protection and safety of employees.

The preparation line takes place synchronously in three media preparators, while the automatic filling machine is placed in controlled area – Class ISO7, with a clean ISO 4 class tunnel.

This guarantees a highest degree of reliability of our products and their stability in terms of consistency and uniformity in the quality.

ProReady QC laboratory is set to meet the latest requirements in quality testing of prepared media.
Our experienced team of experts performs daily analyses in accordance with ISO and GMP standards ensuring that we bring top quality products to our end users.
We make constant efforts for innovation through R&D activity for increasing the range of our products.


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