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ProReady - Ready To Use Culture Media


Our product programme is general, selective and chromogene prepared nutrient media created for clinical laboratories, laboratories for analysis of the quality of food and water and for pharmaceutical industry

ProReady adapts to the needs and requirements of our customers

ProReady, our production program of ready-to-use culture media has been designed
to meet the needs of both clinical and sanitary laboratories, as well as the needs of the
pharmaceutical industry. ProReady adapts to the needs and requirements of different
customers and sets the standards in routine laboratory work.

Technical equipment and facility to the highest world standards

ProMedia has its production equipped by leading world standards, dictated by foreign pharmaceutical houses and managed a good practice and positive examples of his mentor, the company HiMedia Laboratories

Quality system and quality control

The quality of products is a priority of our production and made it through the standardization of all phases of the production process and testing the quality of each produced batch.

Our satisfied partners

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