About ProReady brand

PROREADY - Ready To Use Culture Media

In order to respond to all the requirements needed in the process of preparing and controlling the media, the most practical and most rational solution for the laboratory is to use prepared microbiological media which will provide the highest level of quality and performance by providing:

  • Savings in time needed in the preparation process
  • Uniform and constant quality followed by the certificate of analysis
  • Simplicity and comfort in routine work
  • Simplicity and cost saving in quality control

Using ready prepared media the entire process of preparing and controlling the media in the laboratory can be skipped.
Every prepared media is tested and followed by quality certificate which contains data for physical and chemical characteristics of the media, as well as its microbiological performance such as productivity and selectivity.

Ready to use media bring to the laboratory:

  • Precise and reliable results
  • Time saving by better laboratory efficiency
  • Cost saving

It is reasonable to reduce the costs only if it does not affect the quality of the analyzes, and in this case – using the solution with ready prepared media, the quality of laboratory work is improved along with cost saving.


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